85 times you can wrap the Earth at the equator strip of toilet paper, produced by the combine in the year.

410 km — is the distance from the packages of napkins, produced for the year.


The mill includes:

Timber preparation economy for acceptance, storage and working of wood in the following volumes:

softwood up to 700 thousand m3/year;

foliferous wood up to 300 thousand m3/year;

Sulphite – cellulose plant producing 120 thousand tons a year of cellulose by pulping.

Groundwood shop producing mechanochemical pulp of aspen chips in a volume of 100 thousand tons a year.

Plant producing sanitary – household and hygienic paper and articles of it:

toilet paper – 63 million rolls a year;

paper napkins – 4 million 100 thousand packs a year;

roller towels – 1 million 500 thousand rolls a year;

commodity paper – on the sanitary and hygienic basis – 27 thousand tons a year.

Plant for biochemical converting of sulphite lye into fodder yeast and technical lignosulphonates.

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